We believe in the power of books to inspire and instil in us the courage, motivation and vision for lifelong learning in relation to how we can work on improving our mental wellbeing. Books that we have recently enjoyed reading include:

Prof. Basia Spalek recently wrote a book published by Routledge Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy: a textbook (2019). Basia has written many books and articles on wide-ranging topics in relation to wellbeing.

Integrative textbook

This is a textbook that Basia recently co-authored with her brother. It explains key counselling concepts and approaches very clearly, includes tools to maintain our mental well-being and has some interesting stories and case studies. We recommend this for anyone interested in counselling and in exploring mental well-being.

Zen Book

This is a beautifully presented book that aims to encourage us to lead more simple lives. The book links to ‘mindfulness’, as mindfulness approaches are very popular for enhancing our mental well-being.

Scott Jurek Book

This is a remarkable read about an ultra runner who embarks on a mega journey of inner exploration as he takes on one of the greatest challenges of ultramarathon runners of all time. This book is inspiring, a compelling read about human resilience.