Mental Health First Aid – supporting you to keep your teams healthy and happy. We help businesses create a more resilient work environment. We believe that organisations can be powerful spaces for enhancing mental wellbeing in our societies.

Mental Health First Aid – taking peer-to-peer support to the next level

Mental Wellbeing Services UK offers Mental Health First Aid that can be given to employees. The training is designed to provide people with the knowledge and skills to support themselves, their colleagues, and others who may be experiencing mental distress.

Our Mental Health Training focuses on teaching managers, supervisors and employees the skills needed when working in environments where someone may be struggling with mental health challenges so that you understand:

  • How to identify mental health issues
  • How you might recognise the early warning signs of stress
  • How to offer emotional support
  • Practical skills for talking about mental health
  • How to connect the person with appropriate professional help
  • When to follow up with them on their progress

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Mental Health First Aid – teaching organisations to be mental wellbeing powerhouses

No matter what profession you’re in, our Mental Health First Aid Training will help you create a safe and supportive environment for employees and help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

A mental health strategy is a vital component of the overall wellbeing of an organisation. To ensure that they are operating at their optimum, organisations need to plan how to handle and manage mental health issues among staff members. It is all about recognising when employees might be having difficulties and responding with support and reassurance so they can thrive within your company culture.

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Why is Mental Health First Aid vital for organisations?

Our Mental Health First Aid training is a practical course that provides the knowledge, skills, tools and resources people need to support their co-workers better and remove the stigma around mental health. Techniques embedded in our training will help boost employees’ resilience and encourage conversations between staff members while also nurturing loyalty. In addition, the course will teach you to identify triggers, signs, and symptoms of mental illness to better support your colleagues experiencing it. Companies that embrace our training create a work environment that is more open, sustainable, productive and caring.

Our Training

Training programmes are designed to increase organisational confidence, drive a culture of positive mental health outcomes, and be an employer of choice.

Mental Health Aware Training

This introductory course teaches employees how to challenge mental stigma and introduces common mental health issues. It also teaches employees how to look after their wellbeing. This four-hour session is available as either an online or face-to-face training session.

Mental Health Champion Training

This one day course is available online or in-person and trains you to be a mental health champion, teaching you the basics of mental health issues and the skills to support positive wellbeing.

Mental Health First Aid Training

This two-day course will train you to become a certified Mental Health First Aider, giving you the skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues. You’ll be confident to step in and help someone in distress and have enhanced interpersonal skills like non-judgemental listening.

Mental Health Refresher Training

This four-hour Refresher Course will help your Mental Health First Aiders and MHFA Champions maintain their skills by updating their knowledge on mental health support and allowing them to practice applying the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan.

Mental Wellbeing Away Days

We will create a wellbeing workshop that targets the specific needs of your organisation and team, providing a safe space for team building, exploration, sharing best practices, and restoration.

Wellbeing tools for Academics

This course is specifically for university academics, teachers and researchers. You will learn effective therapeutic techniques and how to enhance your wellbeing whilst also improving your creativity.

Our Testimonials

Thank you for the training Michelle! It grounded my previous knowledge but also offered new and interesting perspectives. Those two days were intense , but it was definitely worth it!

Jan Kozdra, Graduate Teaching Assistant at The London School of Economics and Political Science

Thank you so much Michelle Overton! The feedback and responses I have received from my teams has been nothing but amazing.  They have loved your engaging training style (just as I did).

Pete Hickling MIWFM, Facilities Operations Manager at University of Leicester

The Mental Health First Aid training was a really interesting and engaging two days. Just like with normal first aid training, it taught us an action plan for helping someone who is experiencing any issues with regards to their mental health. It also gave us helpful information and training on the best way to approach certain difficult topics and guide people towards professional support. We work in a very friendly office so hopefully everyone feels they have someone to talk to, but now you know that Liam and I have had some proper training in how to help.

Hamish Auskerry, On-Screen Journalist at ITV News

I have really enjoyed taking part in the course. I found it very informative and feel much more alert to spotting MH issues. I feel much more qualified to ‘step in’ where necessary and I look forward to being our appointed Mental Health First Aid person. I found our instructor, Michelle, very knowledgeable and she has a very holistic approach to the teaching of the course which, in turn, creates a stable environment for the course as matters such as these can be very difficult for people to learn and discuss. Overall, a fantastic two day training

Andy Taylor, Group Services Development Manager Mac Surfacing Ltd

Great group to work with but the facilitation was of a high order. The knowledge transfer to me and the practical application of Mental Health First Aid was made very simple by the quality of the material but more importantly, how the course was run. Brilliant course and probably the most powerful experience of learning I have had in this online environment, in all my life. Well done.

Jim Fielding, Assistant General Secretary Accord Union