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The pandemic has really highlighted the importance of mental wellbeing and how organisations can do more to support their employees’ mental health.

Your organisation might be ahead of the curve or you could be just getting started on your wellbeing strategy.

Mental Wellbeing Services UK can provide the training you need to take your organisation to the next level. We are working with organisations to implement sustainable culture change ~ for business leaders, managers and employees.

360 view symbol – Where are you at on your journey?

  • You want to support your employee’s mental wellbeing and would like to know where to start?
  • How do you get the whole organisation on board?
  • What is involved in becoming a Mental Health First Aider?

You may have trained key people in your organisation to become Mental Health First Aiders. 

  • What next- and where do you go now?
  • How do you take a whole organisation approach to wellbeing?
  • How do you implement your organisations wellbeing strategy?

Our Endorsement:

Prof. Spalek is professionally very skilled and an inspiring speaker. Trondheim as the third largest city in Norway has collaborated with Prof. Spalek over several years. Both the Municipality and our partners ( St. Olav University Hospital, the police and the Norwegian Police Security Service) have been very pleased with the training material that she has provided us with.

The municipality of Trondheim Norway has used the therapeutic and research expertise of Basia Spalek to develop the competence of our mentors/social workers who are working with marginalised youth and other vulnerable people.

Prof. Spalek has been invited to Trondheim several times and both the Municipality and our partners want further cooperation in the future as soon as Covid 19 restrictions allow us to travel. I give my best recommendations for the work of Prof Spalek and how she has helped to build competence in Trondheim.

Even Ytterhus
The chief city executive staff of advisers
Prevention of crime